Pact Europact

Imagine techniques to make your creations dawning

For over 35 years PACT EUROPACT has been specialized in leather and textile finishing, working for the greatest companies of luxury industry.


Our commitments


Our 100% made in France production rely on unique handmade and industrial savoir-faire.

A sustainable, innovating, top-of-the-range manufacture in both of our 2 workshops in “Maine et Loire”.

#MadeInFrance #Innovation

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Our skills

PACT EUROPACT is part of HOFICA group company, specialized in soft material cutting, manufacturing and finishing. Embroiderer, leather craftsman, cutter, etc. HOFICA group is a ‘men and women mosaic’, unified by the same passion of fine material and well-done work.

630 employees
6 companies
8 workshops

Passionate about top-of-the-range manufacturing, and having the desire of shaping our company future ?

Discover all our skills

Numerous complementary skills revealing an artistic creation, reflecting leather and textile art

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