Digital cutting

Precision and delicacy, your imagination exalted by our digital cutting experts

Precision, delicacy and meticulousness are keywords guiding our digital cutting master’s movements on leather and textile. Computer-assisted, the digital cutting method answer your needs of fashion and design goods.


2 laser cutting and engraving


1 water jet cutter


Le laser

Laser, high technology process, is a cutting method permitting to realize a delicacy result on textile. Respecting the material and the precision, the laser cutting is well adapted to delicate material as leather. Perforations or patterns, creative possibilities are numerous on handbags, luggage, small leather goods, ready-to-wear, etc.


Water jet cutting

High pressure water jet cutting is the ideal method on soft materials as leather, to reach an extreme precision. The digital cutting quality on leather and textile are indeed excellent and without any material lost, as the jet diameter is extremely thin.


Engraving textile or leather

Engraving textile or leather accentuate the aesthetics of the leather or textile support, creating a pattern by material pigmentation withdrawal or by pyrography without perforation.