Our commitments

Part of HOFICA group company, PACT EUROPACT share the same values.

Our customers commitments

100% Made in France

We truly want to defend french crafts, that’s why our entire production is made in France. PACT EUROPACT hire 90 persons within its 2 workshops in Maine-et-Loire, nearby Cholet. Our 100% Made in France production is based on our region crafts and industrial expertise, and we are proud to still be part of the traddition. Embroiderers, silkscreen printing and embossing operators, cutter, each man and woman in our creation workshops are passionate about their job and gifted of a unique finishing technical nature.
Our perfect skills mastering and our reactivity guarantee a high quality of finished goods. For every order, like fashion accessory, luggage, furniture, fabrics or haute couture parts, all production steps are followed with a special attention and submitted to a continuous quality control.


An innovative and sustainable manufacturing

From unique part, small production to mass production, we are working everyday to fashion high quality goods, able to resist over the years. To achieve this, we have at our disposal a laboratory in order to test the resistance of our goods (mechanic resistance, wear test, etc.). For all of our fashioning (cutting, embroidering, embossing, silkscreen printing, etc.), our technicians and workshop managers pay particular attention to durability and resistance, guarenteeing the highest standard for final products.
Creation brand, style office or designer : our technicians in R&D department guide you and find new technical possibilities and manufacturing process to answer your tailor-made demands to bring to life some of your most ambitious and creative ideas.


Protect our environment

PACT EUROPACT and HOFICA Group are concerned of creating and producing your elegant creations in the most environmental neutral conditions : minimize wastes and emissions, develop ecological pasture in our production sites to reduce harmful substances. The company is more and more working with ecological inks. With a vigilance duty, your designs, accessories and fabrics are fashioned with an excellent quality and a full respect of environment.