Our History

PACT EUROPACT, luxury is our specialism

PACT EUROPACT is part of the family run HOFICA company, based in Cholet since 1982, a synonymous area in France with the field of Haute Couture, fashion and luxury leather goods. Specialized in leather and textile ornament, the company offer the luxury field a highly customized technical finishing. Embroidery, silkscreen printing, digital printing and cutting, embossing, Pact Europact specialist teams are trained to the most varied up to date technical fashioning and sophisticated finishing touches, in order to answer our customers demand. Each part, manufactured in France, are followed with our entire attention.

Our ordering customers are prestigious ‘Haute couture’ brands, famous leather goods and ready-to-wear companies, furniture designers office, french or foreigner fashion designers.


A familial
spirit company

With its human size company, PACT EUROPACT improve family spirit and simple exchanges. This proximity, added with the proximity of our workshops, allow us to oversee each process that our customers orders require. The relationship we maintain with our customers is very special, and we are forming long term links.

We are working in an enjoyable setting, out of town and at less than 2 hours from Paris by High-speed Train.

Over 35 years of savoir-faire about leather and textile

Discover our history and what enabled us to deploy as much as talents and skills in leather and textile crafts.

1982 - 2000


Baudry family created PAC company : PIQURE AUTOMATIQUE CHOLETAISE (“Choletaise” Automatic stitching), in Cholet.
The activity starts in shoe field, a flourishing sector in “Les Mauges” region, at the beginning of the 80’s.


The company settle in Maulévrier and diversify its activities with the creation of the embroidery department and the opening of an upper shoes manufacturing workshop.


In 1990, silkscreen printing and embossing have been created, the workshop surface tripled (16150 sq ft / 1.500m²).


The company opens a top-of-the-range leather goods department, and starts finished goods manufacture.
PACT EUROPACT join the influantial network « Mode Grand Ouest » gathering french companies from « Grand Ouest » region and highlighting leather and textile fashion field.

2000 - 2010


A digital cutting department has been created. PACT EUROPACT mastered numerous working methods which can be combined, allowing a great creativity in fashioning and finishing.


HOFICA holding, created and leaded by Jean-Yves Papin, purchase PACT EUROPACT and appoint Jocelyne Hulin as factory manager. Leather and textile digital cutting activity is transfered to CUT SERVICES, ex HOFICA group company, to ensure its development.


Top-of-the-range leather goods activity is transfered to MAROFICA, HOFICA group company. PACT EUROPACT then focused on decorative finishing activity, in its 43055 sq ft (4000m²) workshop. The company take benefit of the strength of HOFICA group, specialized in project management (soft material cutting, manufacturing and finishing).



PACT EUROPACT join “Réseau du Bellay”, professional network gathering companies which are manufacturing luxury made in France products, in the greatest world brands service.

2011 - Demain


To face the growing demand, a second PACT EUROPACT workshop, name « Alexandre Marcel » opened, nearby the first one « Edouard Colbert ».


The quality laboratory is launched and products samplings have been established (mechanic resistance, wear tests) guaranteeing a remarkable quality for all finished parts.


Digital printing arrive in PACT EUROPACT, a less polluting printing technique allowing the creation of visual and very realistic imagery on soft material like leather or fabric.

History keeps going

Our teams keep strengthening and structuring to assist PACT EUROPACT development and to ensure its future and the HOFICA group ones. For over 35 years, the same working values, commitment and confidence have been passed down inside our company. Each operator of this success keep investing themselves more and more.