Pact Europact,
HOFICA Group company

Innovating Group and network

HOFICA group has been representing a handmade and industrial expertise for over 35 years. The HOFICA group own 6 companies, including PACT EUROPACT, and form an innovative network for a leather and textile meticulous designs :

  • We are doing leather and fabrics cuts, cuts out and gathering
  • We are manufacturing finished goods and fashion & luxury accessories subassemblies
  • We are developing finishing activities (embroidery, silkscreen printing, digital printing, etc.)

Thanks to our complementary activities, our adaptability and reactivity, we became an unmissable stakeholder on manufacturing projects in soft material in France.

Our adaptability and diversified services in fashion and luxury industry are currently appreciated by greatest brands from leather goods, high fashion, furniture, nautical equipment, aeronautics and leisure vehicle, etc.

Proximity of our 8 workshops, allocated between Maine-et-Loire and Mayenne departments, make easier the flow management and collaborations inside our group.


Comfort and decorative equipment for top-of-the-range nautical, furniture, aeronautic and luxury fields
Maulévrier (49)

Comfort and decorative equipment for leisure vehicles
Saint-Denis-d’Anjou (53)

Luxury leather goods
Sèvremoine (49)

Soft material cutting out
Sèvremoine (49)

Top-of-the-range and luxury leather goods
Maulévrier (49)

Finishing for luxury field (embroidery, silkscreen printing, digital printing, embossing, digital cutting)
Maulévrier (49)

Luxury leather goods
Doué-en-Anjou (49)

HOFICA Group key figures

workshops in Maine et Loire
and Mayenne departments
M turnover

Management team

  • Erwan Rousseau, MAROFICA site manager
  • Sylvain Hacquet, COSY Design and COSY Equipement sites manager
  • Mathilde Papin, HOFICA Group HR and digital data project manager
  • Jean-Yves Papin, HOFICA Group president
  • Jocelyne Hulin, PACT EUROPACT site manager
  • Chantal Coutant, MAROFICA Manufacturing manager
  • Olivier Papin, HOFICA group managing director
  • Gilles Harnichard, EVIDENCE and HOFICOUPE sites manager (absent)

Our partners


Réseau du Bellay

Luxury Craftsmen

« Réseau du Bellay » gathers around 20 companies in luxury’s service. Companies rely on traditional skills and innovative processes, just as integrating a growing business activity area as coming across new businesses, thanks to factories managers’ ambition as much as the strength of a family story, etc. Its strength is based on every factories values which are, thanks to their singularity, marked by a specific project. As manufacturers, we had our heart set on sharing our 100% Made in France crafts and industrial knowledge with each of the others companies and fashion workshops.


Mode Grand Ouest

« Mode grand Ouest » supports interests of fashion field companies, enhances their advantages and gives them a way to approach their future by providing them a concret help thanks to quality services. It represents the French association gathering the most important number of fashion field companies along the country, with remarkable expertise and social skills quality, including every sectors.


Trades and fashion campus

PACT EUROPACT is part of « Mode Grand Ouest », in partnership with “Qualifications, trades, fashion and luxuries creatives industries campus from Pays de la Loire”, created in 2017. The aim of this partnership is about information and course guidance, training and recent fashion graduate integration, through numerous actions : factory visits, professional meetings and testimony, events organisation, young designer welcoming, etc. The establishment supporting this campus (network first seed) is the high school Fernand Renaudeau in Cholet, certified as “trades and fashion high school” since 2008. The high school host the technological platform “eMODE” and the 3 years degree of Angers University “Fashion and high technologies”.

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